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Multicolor new Turkish kilim rugs exports

Multicolor new Turkish kilim rugs exports . Rugs like Turkish kilims are mainly a product of Turkey. Contemporary Turkish kilim rugs are these days greatly present in market all around the world . Kilims like Turkish kilims have gotten advance and now carry unique new designs .

Additionally , Turkish kilims like other kilims rugs , are originally manufacture manually . These kilims are the interpreter of the Culture of Turkey . Turkey produce many handwoven products and textiles but kilims especially Turkish rugs or area rugs , have high demand and export rate worldwide . Moreover , new and modern Turkish kilims are more or less similar to the antique ones . These days mostly kilims are produced by industrially . This lead to some changes in the original traditional designs and patterns of kilim rugs .

Regions producing Turkish rugs

Furthermore , regions producing Turkish kilim rugs are :

  • Aegean region : includes Afyon , Aydin , Bergama .
  • Central Anatolia : this includes Aksaray , Cankiri , Elmadag .
  • Southern Anatolia : includes Gaziantep , Marash .

These regions produce specific kilim rugs . The diversity is present in the designs of these rugs which is clearly visible . This is due to the different traditions carry by these regions .

Multicolor new Turkish kilim rugs

Details about multicolour new Turkish kilim rugs

Kilims like Turkish kilim rugs are present in today’s market both domestic as well as international . Turkish kilims like other kilims are present in various sizes, colors , designs, patterns , motifs . Moreover , weavers mostly produce kilims in the natural colors mostly but as the standards of market have changed , manufacturers produce kilims with variations .

Furthermore , the attractive color combinations plus the multicolor kilims , give an exquisite look. This lead to the high import of Turkish kilims . People produce handwoven Turkish kilim rugs mostly by :

  • Sheep wool
  • Cotton
  • Silk

Among these materials wool is greatly in use . Weavers change these raw materials commonly by spinning wheel into yarn and threads . Later on , warps and wefts are formed on Loom . This means the knots of these strands create a Turkish kilim .

Moreover , with the regions , material as well as colors of warps and wefts change . For example Western Anatolia use white wool for warps and dyed red or sometimes brown and white wool for wefts .

Multicolor new Turkish kilim rugs

Grace of Turkish kilim rugs

Rugs like Turkish kilims are present in great diversity in various contexts . We clearly see the designs diversion as the time passed by . After the arrival of Islam and the development of Islamic art has profoundly influenced these rugs . The ornaments and patterns of these rugs also show the historical social and political manifestations .

Multicolor new Turkish kilim rugs





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