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Multicolor best vintage kilim rugs exports

Multicolor best vintage kilim rugs exports . Vintage kilim rugs are far more better than contemporary kilims . Original antique kilims are unique in many dimensions . Kilims are a kind of textiles mot manufacture and export by Iran including Turkey and Azerbaijan .

Furthermore , kilims especially vintage kilim rugs are a historical heritage . These kilims carry manifestations of tribal life . This is the reason why people are always extraordinary love these textiles . Moreover , the question that rises here is , What are kilim rugs ? And why vintage kilim rugs are better than modern kilims ?

History of kilim rugs

Rugs that are flat tapestry , heavy textile , made on Loom , are known as Kilims . The creation of kilims is as old as any other antique textile . These rugs were given birth because of the need , people felt back then . As the time passed by , production of kilims got advanced .

Moreover , people started producing kilims that suit the market standards . The variations in designs , patterns , sizes , shapes , lead to a revolution in kilims .This variation welcomed by people warmly . However this could not take the place of old kilims or vintage kilim rugs .

Additionally , kilims are originally handwoven and handmade product . Weavers produce these textiles manually . Nevertheless , these day kilims mostly produce industrially . This is due to the high demand and import of these rugs . Manufacturers and exporters have to produce kilim rugs , generally rugs and carpets , immensely . This created changes in kilims .

Multicolor best vintage kilim rugs

Details about multicolour best vintage kilim rugs

Old antique plus unique pieces of kilims are present in the museums worldwide . Moreover , since people especially in the Western world , have the authenticity of kilims , the import of kilims progressed . This is the reason that in the past recent years kilim rugs trade is progressing day by day.

Furthermore , these flat weaves tapestries , are present in various designs , colors , sizes , shapes . A great diversity is clearly visible in these textiles . Weavers mostly give unique color combinations in the kilims with beautiful designs .

Moreover , the designs of kilims are mostly traditional . Weavers commonly in tribal areas and villages , produce best multicolor vintage kilim rugs , with tribal symbols , motifs , patterns.  The interesting fact is that these elements carry specific meaning .

Multicolor best vintage kilim rugs

Elegance of vintage kilims

As it is mentioned above , kilims have great traditional value . The elaborateness of manifold designs, hold by vintage kilims , are very exquisite and elegant . This factor of kilims attracts customers .

Some of the common motifs , designs are :

  • Eye
  • Wolf’s face
  • Trees
  • Floral patterns
  • Herati and many others .

Multicolor best vintage kilim rugs




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