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Beautiful contemporary Moroccan kilim rugs exports

Beautiful contemporary Moroccan kilim rugs exports . Moroccan kilims are a kind of rugs . These kilims manufacture and export mainly by Morocco . Kilims like Moroccan rugs are greatly present in marketplace enormously and we see the influence of these rugs in today’s world .

Furthermore , Moroccan kilims like other kilims are extravagantly traditional . Morocco is a country with a great historical remains . We see clearly that rug-making is Moroccan is as old as anywhere in the world . Moreover , Moroccan produce and export many kind of textiles and a great part of these textiles is Moroccan rugs including Moroccan kilims .

Importance of Moroccan rugs

Additionally , many regions of Morocco produce rugs and carpets . The most famous tribe in Morocco is Berber tribe . This tribe is a very old tribe , rich with antique tradition , produce rugs and carpets including kilims in a great amount . Berber tribe use flat weave , hand knotted rugs and carpets as :

  • Sleeping mats
  • Self-adornments
  • Burial shrouds
  • Saddle blankets

Moreover , Morocco capital Fes produce rugs and carpets since a long time . This city of Morocco is famous because of the weaving . Many other cities of Morocco especially the tribal regions produce these formal textiles . If these skilled weavers do not exist in the tribal areas , undoubtedly Moroccan rugs including kilims , would have gotten success .

Beautiful contemporary Moroccan kilim rugs

Traits of beautiful contemporary Moroccan kilim rugs

As the time has passed and people start searching for unique new designs . This lead to the advancement of rugs and carpet industry . Manufacturers and exporters of rugs and carpets including Moroccan kilims , started giving these textiles a new look by giving variations in the designs and patterns .

Nevertheless , these new and contemporary kilims are not very similar to the vintage or antique kilims . People still greatly remain under influence because of the exquisite look of these textiles . Different regions of Morocco produce diverse rugs and carpets . For example , the coastal capital Rabat , is famous for rugs and carpets including kilims , woven with floral and diamond-shaped elements and a fairly bare field .

Beautiful contemporary Moroccan kilim rugs

Grace of Moroccan kilims

Vintage and antique Moroccan kilim rugs are fairly popular today for their decorative flexibility and reasonable pricing as compared to other styles of antique rugs . Colors of these rugs Vary from neutral shades to popping hues , with designs ranging from ordered geometric shapes to a more free-form , expressive pattern .

Furthermore , Morocco is a very traditional country . We see the interest of these people in their tradition and culture , by these beautiful rugs .

Beautiful contemporary Moroccan kilim rugs



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