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Finest handwoven beautiful kilim rugs exports

Finest handwoven beautiful kilim rugs exports . Formally kilims are handwoven and handmade . Kilims are a tribal life product , having origin in Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey . These rugs are supreme kind of textiles that are known as a historical heritage .

Additionally , rugs like kilims are a manifestation of traditional Eastern life especially of tribal areas , for the Westerners . These textiles have created a strong intercontinental trade . We greatly see , these rugs in the Western households and other places . Moreover , commonly handwoven kilims are use in interior decors .

Kilims worldwide

Furthermore , If we talk about the most famous exporter and manufacturer of handwoven kilims , Iran comes on top of the list . Iran’s capital Tehran , does world’s highest production an export of rugs and carpets including kilims. The regions of Iran that export and manufacture these rugs domestically as well as internationally are :

  • Isfahan
  • Kerman
  • Mashhad
  • Qom
  • Shiraz and many others .


All of the above regions of Iran produce specific type of rugs and carpets including kilims . Therefore, we see diversity in these textiles .

Furthermore , these specific kilims , that belong to specific region , play a very important role in the spreading of the Eastern culture worldwide . If this diversity would not have been there in these rugs , then the customers would have been less too but we see opposite of it .

Finest handwoven beautiful kilim rugs

Production of finest handwoven beautiful kilim rugs

Rugs like kilim rugs are antique and traditional that are still present with their outstanding value . These rugs are greatly manufacture in tribal areas . The production of these rugs is manual . Men mostly do the primary work such as choosing good breed sheep and shearing of wool . Moreover , men change the wool into yarn and threads by spinning wheel . Mostly women also responsible of designs and weavings .

Furthermore , the warp and weft strands are formed on Loom ,  hand-operated device which is wooden as well . The knots of these strands grants the quality of kilims .

Finest handwoven beautiful kilim rugs

Elegance of Handwoven kilims

The kilims are widely used textiles in the world . These rugs carry an extraordinary elaborate traditional look which just grasp attention of customers at once . The elegance of kilims is in designs, patterns ,motifs and sizes .

Moreover , the designs are the core of high rate of import by different countries which forces to increase the rat of export on the other end . Generally , the elegance of kilims is in the control of weavers . As long as a weaver is professional , the rugs and carpets including kilims are great in quality and unbeatable in elegance .

Finest handwoven beautiful kilim rugs





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