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Exquisite handwoven multicolor kilim rugs import

Exquisite handwoven multicolor kilim rugs import . Kilims are originally handwoven , mostly a product of tribes and villages . The home producing countries of kilim rugs are Turkey , Azerbaijan , Iran . Among these countries Iran in the leading country in manufacture and export .

Furthermore , exquisite handwoven multicolor kilim rugs are traditional rugs . These rugs carry a great importance in today’s market due to their antique unique look . Trade of these rugs is immensely in progress day by day . People all over the world are always willing to spare a good amount of money on handwoven kilims .

Nevertheless , these rugs are greatly produced industrially these days . This is because of the high demand of the rugs . In the Western world , people mostly attract by traditional Asian or Eastern things . Therefore , handwoven kilims are the best choice they have or they can make .

Importance of  kilims

These rugs are rich with the manifestations of tribal people including their culture such as :

  • Designs
  • Patterns
  • Motifs
  • Way of productions
  • Materials

Weavers of these handwoven textiles , are mostly tribal people and villagers . These people are extraordinary skilled .

Exquisite handwoven multicolor kilim rugs

Adorns of exquisite handwoven multicolor kilim rugs

Kilims like the handwoven ones are supreme kind of kilims . These kilims mostly interpret the life style of tribal people . Mostly weavers are woven that is why by nature they have high tendency of creativity . This factor is clearly visible in the handwoven kilims .

Moreover , the beauty of these rugs is in the designs . It is said that the base of this design is the density of knots . Therefore , the more knots are dense , the more design and quality of kilims are extravagant . Additionally , the elaborateness and expressiveness of designs , the manifold designs of handwoven kilims attract customers greatly .

Furthermore , colors are the important element in the beauty of kilim . Generally , rugs and carpets uses directly without any dye process . However , the demand of today’s market has changed . This lead weavers to produce something that suits the standards of markets . This is the reason why we see kilims in various color combinations are as well as in multicolors .

Exquisite handwoven multicolor kilim rugs

Production of handwoven kilim

The kilims produce by the help of a wooden device known as Loom . This device varies as in the size and shape varies with the creation of kilims . For instance , for a rectangular kilim and small size kilim, a horizontal loom and small size loom is used .

All of the factors are the reason of high rate of import of handwoven kilims . The import of rugs and carpets including kilims is widely spread .

Exquisite handwoven multicolor kilim rugs




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