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Best kilim Dhurrie rugs export

Best kilim Dhurrie rugs export . Dhurrie kilims are a type of heavy textiles , mainly manufacture and export by India . These rugs similar to other kilims are flat-woven rugs . Kilims like Dhurries are enriched with the Culture of India .

Furthermore , all the kilims and generally rugs and carpets are manually made . Mostly people living in tribes and villages manufacture these textiles by Loom . However , these days the textiles commonly produce in industries on a very high scale , to cope with the world’s demand . Moreover , Dhurrie kilims like other kilims present worldwide .

Importance of Dhurries

People especially in the Western world mostly attract by these antique products due to the traditional traits and view of these rugs .

Additionally , we see these rugs greatly in use in the Western households . People use them as :

  • Floor coverings
  • Table cover
  • Flower vases and for many other purposes including interior decors .

Dhurries are overwhelmed with the Eastern culture . The antique unique look of these rugs is immensely expressive and elaborate as well as attractable .

Best kilim Dhurrie rugs

Briefing about best kilim Dhurrie rugs

Rugs like Dhurrie kilim rugs are extravagantly in use in subcontinent . Moreover , the main old component of every rug and carpet is Wool . Mainly all the textiles are of wool , although the quality of wool varies for example the breed of wool . However , in the past recent years these kilims also manufacture with :

  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Jute

All of the above material carries specific value and gives a different unique exquisite look to these kilims . Furthermore , Dhurries like other kilims hold great diversity . This diversity is because of :

  • Size
  • Designs
  • Shapes
  • Colors

Different regions of India produce , different kind of dhurries . These dhurries mainly different in designs and the way of production .

Best kilim Dhurrie rugs

Grace of Dhurrie kilims

Kilims like dhurries are a historical heritage . These kilims are a reason of strong intercontinental trade as well . Various cities , towns , regions of India , manufacture unique kind of dhurrie such as :

  • Rajastan : This region mostly produce dhurries with Pit Loom . In the weaving by this manual device , weavers use feet while sitting and weave a rug or carpet .
  • Madhya Pradesh : Dhurrie kilims manufacture by this region is famous because of their delightful colors .
  • Himachal Pradesh : This area produce kilims of specific type . Mostly these dhurries use in dowry , in the marriage of a daughter.

And so on . India is a big country , therefore , many unique traditional kind of dhurries are manufactured in it . Moreover , these Dhurries greatly export to other countries , all over the world . People really welcome these rugs .

Best kilim Dhurrie rugs






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