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Finest tribal flat weave kilim rugs exports

Finest tribal flat weave kilim rugs exports . Kilims are a kind of antique and unique textiles mostly known as flat tapestry and flat weave rugs . These rugs are mostly produce by the Eastern world which includes the continent of Asia .

Further more finest tribal flat weave kilim rugs produce by the countries like especially Iran , including Turkey , Azerbaijan and some other countries of Central Asia . Kilims  are a handwoven product of tribal people . However , due to the high import rate and demand , rugs and carpets including kilims mostly produce industrially .

Importance of Kilim rugs

In addition , many countries because of the progress in trade due to these rugs , are manufacturing fake traditional rugs in great amount . these countries export these products as well . Nevertheless , the exquisite traditional of kilims is only present in the home producing rugs and carpets .

Moreover , Iran’s capital Tehran is the world’s highest producer of rugs and carpets . If anybody wants a pure traditional kilims , trade with the home producing countries would be a best choice . These rugs are a best option to provide anyplace a tribal nomadic beautiful look .

Finest tribal flat weave kilim rugs

Finest tribal flat weave kilim rugs as an ornament

Rugs like tribal flat weaves are kilims , extraordinary beautiful and unique . These rugs are originally handwoven and produce and manufacture by the help of Loom . The traditional manifestation of kilims  is clearly visible in the elaborateness of their manifold designs . The tribal kilims create by the weavers , overwhelming by the ideas of various designs and patterns . Moreover , The weavers use their happiness and sadness as well as the symbols of their tribes in the kilims . They mostly portray the nature around them and express it by the help of colorful threads .

The most common patterns , designs , motifs present in these rugs are :

  • Trees
  • Birds
  • Life
  • Herati
  • Shah Abbsi
  • Floral designs
  • Medallions
  • Eye as a sign of fertility
  • Comb and many others .

Moreover , the beauty of tribal flat weaves is present in the quality of wool . The wool taken from a good breed sheep is very important .

Finest tribal flat weave kilim rugs

Creation of tribal kilims

Kilims are generally created by the villagers . The weavers mostly use good wool and by the help of spinning wheel change it into yarn and thread . They also change the color of wool by the help of dyeing process . Furthermore , the very important element of kilims is the density of knots . It is believed that the deep knots , secures the quality of kilims .

Finest tribal flat weave kilim rugs



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