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Exquisite village tribal kilim rugs export

Exquisite village tribal kilim rugs export . Kilims are a flat tapestry rugs that are greatly known as a traditional historical heritage . As these rugs are mostly manufacture in villages and tribes , that is why famous as Village Tribal Kilim Rugs . Kilims are greatly produce and export by Iran .

Furthermore , kilims are originally tribal rugs because they are handwoven rugs manufacture manually . Textiles like kilims , are unique antique traditional rugs . Moreover , people greatly in search of antique products and kilims are a best choice anybody can make .

Significance of tribal kilims

Exquisite village tribal kilim rugs are a n attraction for the people in the Eastern world s well as the Western world . Especially in the Western world these day we see them in use , in their households immensely . In today’s market both domestic and international , kilims , tribal rugs , are in great progress . Moreover , the export of these rugs is increasing day by day . Why is the trade of these rugs is in progress ? To elaborate this follow the following details .

Exquisite village tribal kilim rugs

Attributes of exquisite village tribal kilim rugs

Rugs like tribal kilims are purely a product of tribal life . People manufacture these rugs with the help of a Loom unlike the marketplace . Nevertheless , in todays market commonly rugs and carpets are produced by machines that is the production is industrial . This is due to the high rate of export of these textiles .

Furthermore , the industrial rugs and carpets of all kinds , cannot take place of handwoven ones . The reason behind this is the traditional look of the tribal textiles . The elaborateness of the beautiful designs of these rugs is extravagantly overwhelmed by the historical traditional values . The explicit view of these rugs just grasp anyone’s attention instantly . Moreover , village and tribal kilims manufacture by professionally skilled weavers , which have taken training from their ancestors . These weavers do not go to any institute or school to learn this art . Weaving is like an occupation for them .

Moreover , these people overwhelmed with a great interest , produce outstanding textiles like kilims .

Exquisite village tribal kilim rugs

Adoration of tribal kilims

Kilims like tribal rugs hold great diversity among all the textiles present in today’s market . These rugs are present in various :

  • Sizes
  • Shapes
  • Designs
  • Motifs
  • Patterns

Moreover , designs vary from region to region . Therefore , a great diversity itself is present in the designs .These designs , motifs , patterns are mostly traditional . Some examples are :

  • Eye motif
  • Floral designs
  • Herati design
  • Comb motif
  • Rectilinear designs and many others .

Exquisite village tribal kilim rugs





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