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Top antique traditional kilims exports

Top antique traditional kilims exports . Kilims are a traditional and cultural product , produce in the tribal areas and villages . Iran is the supreme country in the manufacture and export of kilims . However , other countries like Turkey , Azerbaijan also produce kilims immensely .

Furthermore , if we talk about the top antique traditional kilims export , this mostly connect to Iran . To mention here , Iran’s capital is the world’s highest manufacturer and exporter of rugs and carpets . Iran’s rugs and carpets re quality wise unlike other rugs and carpets. Moreover , the antique and traditional look in a rug comes through the designs and the way of production .

Details about Kilims

In tribal areas , men are bound to select a good breed sheep and shearing of wool while women have to change it into yarn by spinning wheel . Moreover , mostly women are the ones who weave the rugs and give unique antique designs . This skilled work is known as the occupation of these people since so many years .

Furthermore , these people transfer these skills in their next generation and so on . Weavers work hard to manufacture rugs specially kilims . However these days due to the high demand , rugs and carpets are mostly manufacture industrially .

Additionally , kilims are also present in cotton and silk . Among all these materials , wool is widely in use , as it is durable and easily available . Mostly people say , that the quality of kilim , depends on the wool , is the wool is of good quality , these textiles would be great . Nevertheless , quality of kilims actually depend on the weavers , that is the skills of weavers .

Top antique traditional kilims

Trademark of top antique traditional kilims

As it is mentioned , kilims are originally a traditional product .These rugs are historical heritage and a manifestation of cultural background . Uniqueness of kilims is hidden in the fact of the elaborateness of their manifold designs . This is the reason why people like kilims the most ? Moreover , kilims are a flat tapestry rugs , a kind of textile . Some common types of kilims includes :

  • Ordinary kilims
  • Gunny kilims
  • Suzani kilims
  • Needlework kilims
  • Jol
  • Jajim
  • Zilu
  • Masnad and many others

All of the types of kilims have unique designs and a specific purpose .

Top antique traditional kilims

Excellency of antique kilim rugs

Kilim rugs are antique and unique . These rugs are present in diversity such as size , shape , color , design , motif . Moreover , originally kilims are handwoven . Therefore , it is believed that the density of knots guarantee the quality of kilims . The more tight and strong knots are present , the more elaborate a design would be and the quality would be great as well .

Top antique traditional kilims



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