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Finest Kurdish kilim rugs exports Turkey

Finest Kurdish kilim rugs exports Turkey . Kurdish kilim rugs , a kind of heavy textile that are woven rugs . Kurdish people in the Middle East including the Eastern part of Turkey , Iraq , southernmost Caucasus , Soviet Armenia and North-West Iran , manufacture and export these rugs .

Furthermore , Kurdish kilims are antique unique traditional kind of rugs .These rugs like other kilims , are a product of tribal life . The exquisite look of these rugs , is the reason of immense import by various countries throughout the world .

Significance of Kurdish kilims

Moreover , originally these kilims are handwoven . Tribal Kurdish people produce these kilims manually by Loom . However , in the recent years , the demand of kilims has increased . In order to increase the quantity of these kilims , exporters and manufacturers , produce them industrially .

Furthermore , in every rugs production , weavers are the main element . It has seen that the highly professional weavers can only grant a best quality to these textiles . If weavers lack skills than we an not expect quality rugs including kilims . Nevertheless , in tribal areas all the weavers are very professional . Weaving is a source of income for them .

Traits of finest Kurdish kilim rugs

Rugs like Kurdish kilims mainly have overwhelming unique Kurdish designs . Kurdish rugs are stout and solid in structure . These kilims usually made in symmetrical knotting upon  woollen foundation . Moreover the designs and motifs of Kurdish kilims include :

  • All over floral design
  • Mina khani motif
  • Jaff geometric pattern

The beauty of Kurdish designs is that , these are rich by high-chroma blues , greens , saffron as well as terracotta and brunt orange hues made richer still by the lustrous wool . Wool is the most common component among many textiles such as rugs and carpets . This materials is very durable as well as responsive to dye .

Finest Kurdish kilim rugs

Beauty of Kurdish kilims

Mostly the designs carry by these kilims are the symbols of the Kurdish tribes . Weavers portray dreams , wishes and hopes by the help of colors and the sequence of symbols . Moreover , Kurdish people communicate with the people actually by the elaborateness of the manifold designs .

Furthermore , the antique and traditional beauty of these rugs , roots back to the history of Kurdish people . It is present in the articles and seen and recorded as well . The presence of the handwoven products , show the historical traditional manifestations of Kurdish weavings . Moreover , these kilims are greatly present in today’s market . Mostly these days the kilims produce on the new standards , that suits today’s world .

Finest Kurdish kilim rugs




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