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Best Shirikipich kilim rugs wholesale suppliers

Best Shirikipich kilim rugs wholesale suppliers . A textile , very antique and extraordinary overwhelmed  with traditional signs , known as “Shirikipich” kilim rugs . These rugs are manufacture by Kerman province including Shirjan , Shehrestan and other areas , in Iran.

Furthermore , there are some weavings very close to Shirikipich kilim rugs , manufacture by the provinces in the East of Azerbaijan and Ardabeil . These weavings and Shirikipich rugs are different in designs . Moreover , Iran’s non-oil export that is rugs and carpets export is in progress day by day . The reason behind this , is the production of these beautiful rugs .

Details about Shirikipich kilims

The exquisite antique unique look of these rugs , just attract people across the globe . We see in the Western households , that these rugs are in use for different purposes .

Regardless of other rugs , diversity itself present in kilims and Shirikipich kilims explain this . Diversity in kilims includes :

  • Designs
  • Way of production
  • Materials
  • Colors

All of these elements are very important in kilims . Moreover , these elements depend on the weavers . If a weaver is good enough , these elements will be used greatly .

Best Shirikipich kilim rugs

Weaving of best Shirikipich kilim rugs

Originally all types of kilims are handwoven and handmade . The weaving of Shirikipich kilims carry both weaving of carpets as well as rugs . The difference between the weaving of carpets and Shirikipich kilims is that , the knots like carpets do not set free . Moreover , the knots tie up around the threads and on the back of the rugs , they are set free . The delicacy of wool , make the knots to stay at the place .

Furthermore , the rest of the weaving of Shirikipich rugs is like other kilims . Loom , a vertical , hand-operated device is used , in the production . This device is a traditional manual device , made up of woods . However these days generally manufacture of rugs and carpets is done industrially via machines . The industrial production and manual traditional production , are different and show the signs that one can differentiate .

Best Shirikipich kilim rugs

Elegance of Shirikipich kilims

The best Shirikipich kilim rugs carry unique antique traditional designs . Weavers mostly use their thoughts and feelings in the designs . They put sadness , happiness in the weavings through the elaborateness of colors and designs . Moreover , the ground colors of Shirikipich kilims are

  • White
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black

In designs mostly pictures of animals such as peacock , parrot , pigeon , bear and others . Many pictures of plants and other things present around them or in the nature , create by them on these kilims .

Best Shirikipich kilim rugs



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