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Finest antique Qashqai kilim rug sales

Finest antique Qashqai kilim rug sales . One of the elegant kind of textile , is Qashqai kilim rugs . These rugs are traditional and purely a tribal nomadic life product . Moreover , These rugs are formerly and in the present time produce by Iran .

Rugs have so many diverse types . Every country produce it’s own kind of rug . Moreover, if we look into the of rugs , Kilims , is known as the most common and immensely famous type . Kilims are manufacture by Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey and many other countries of Central Asia . Rugs like kilims explains the traditional and cultural style of the countries .

Significance of Qashqai kilims

Furthermore , one of the most important and traditional kind of Kilims is Qashqai kilim rugs . These rugs are the of Qashqai people . Qashqai itself is a conglomeration of clans in Iran consisting of mostly Turkic people but also Lurs , Kurds and Arabs . Nevertheless , these Qashqai people live in various regions of Iran . This Qashqai people are well-known because of their woven products . Finest antique Qashqai kilim rugs , is one of their products .

Major tribes of Qashqai tribal alliance includes :

  • Dareshuri
  • Farsimadan
  • Sheshboluki
  • Amaleh
  • Kashkuli

Moreover , it has seen that the production of these kilims is in the hands of weavers . Weavers especially the tribal people are the main factor , to provide , these rugs a unique look ad unbeatable in the world .

Delineation of finest antique Qashqai kilim rugs

Qashqai kilims are mainly referred to Shiraz . The reason behind this fact is that Shiraz was the major marketplace to export their handmade especially woven products , in the past . Moreover , the different races are present in Qashqai group , people mostly find these kilims diverse from others . Among all the Persian weavings Qashqai weavings and kilims are extraordinary famous worldwide .

Moreover , the weaving of these rugs links with the professional skills of weavers . The wore a weaver has great skills , the more these rugs are famous .

Finest antique Qashqai kilim rug

Facts about Qashqai kilims

Some facts about Qashqai kilims are :

  • Wool : These rugs manufacture from a especial kind of wool . The wool that is produced in mountains and valleys near Shiraz . Moreover , this wool is delicate and soft s well as ver responsive to dyeing .
  • Designs of Qashqai kilims are very traditional . The different kind of races present in Qashqai group produce unique antique symbols , motifs and designs .
  • Export of these rugs is increasing day to day . These rugs are the biggest reason of Iran’s lead in rugs and carpets production .

Finest antique Qashqai kilim rug



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