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Beautiful best Qashqai kilim rugs manufacturers online

Beautiful best Qashqai kilim rugs manufacturers online . A soft , delicate and distinguish kind of kilim rugs, known as “Qashqai kilim rugs” . The origin of these rugs is Iran . Moreover , these rugs are one of the woven products of Qashqai people . These rugs show various types of culture .

Best Qashqai kilim rugs produce by Turkic people , Lurs , Kurds and Arabs , known as Qashqai people. Qashqai is not a name of any area .

Geographical importance of Qashqai kilims

Qashqai people live in different cities , towns and regions of Iran mostly Southern and Central Iran such as :

  • The province of Fars
  • Khuzestan
  • Kohgiluyeh
  • Boyer-Ahmad
  • Isfahan
  • Bushehr
  • Shiraz

Furthermore , Shiraz was the marketplace of these rugs . Therefore , Qashqai kilims mostly refer to Shiraz . We can say that Shiraz is the center of these rugs . These rugs represent the tradition of different regions . Moreover , the main element of these rugs , is the potentials of weaver , which comes out in the creation of exquisite Qashqai kilim rugs .

Beautiful best Qashqai kilim rugs

Production of beautiful best Qashqai kilim rugs

Qashqai kilims are produced like other kilims . Qashqai people use both threads and wool in the manufacture of these rugs . Traditionally all kilims consist of wool apart from India . India mostly use thread in the production of kilims .

Moreover , Loom is used in the production of these rugs . It is a vertical device on which warps and wefts form up . Formerly and traditional Qashqai rugs are handwoven and produce manually . Nevertheless , as the demand and export has increased , these rugs are produced industrially . It is believed that in the production of kilims following are the important elements :

  • Wool
  • Breed of sheep and goat
  • The density of knots
  • Designs
  • Motifs

The above elements grant the quality of kilim rugs . Mostly the designs of kilims are from the tribal symbols . These designs carry a meaning which shows that symbols use in Qashqai kilims are very important .

Beautiful best Qashqai kilim rugs

Features of Qashqai kilims

Qashqai kilims are mostly famous because of their wool . This wool is very explicit of designs and colors . These rugs have high energy in terms of durability and quality, which is rarely seen in other kilims . Mostly Qashqai people use bright colors in these rugs for example brown , black , dark blue , red . The designs of Qashqi kilims include:

  • Trees
  • Flowers
  • Animals like turtle , wolf face . Moreover , pictures of comb , scissors , Butterfly , are also woven .

Moreover , the designs of these rugs mostly interpret weavers thoughts and feelings .

Beautiful best Qashqai kilim rugs



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