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Best kilim rugs Iran online import

Best kilim rugs Iran online import . Kilims , exquisite rugs , a kind of textile . These rugs are manufactured by the wool of domestic animals . Countries of Asia such as Turkey , Azerbaijan and most importantly Iran, manufacture and export kilims immensely .

Moreover , People mostly who live in tribes are famous due to the production of kilims . Areas such as East of Europe and South of Africa are famous because of weaving as well . This is because of the great amount of animals such as sheep , goat , camel , present in these areas.

Prominence of Kilim rugs

Furthermore , if weaving is present anywhere , kilim is definitely included in the woven products as well . These rugs present in the different markets all over the world . Moreover , Shirikipich kilims no doubt play a role in spreading the Eastern culture , worldwide .

Additionally the importance of these rugs is in the hand of weavers . As long as a weaver has professional skills , the rugs progress well in the market and takes the trade rate high .

Details about Best kilim rugs Iran

Kilim rugs are mostly mixed up with Zilu and Jahim . These two rugs are different from kilims , especially in the way of production . Textiles like kilims are historical heritage . Some old pieces of these kilims are present in the museums of the world . Kilims are famous and attractive due to the antique unique look they give . Therefore , people greatly are willing to buy them . This takes the import of these rugs higher .

Furthermore , colors that are used in kilims are mostly from “plant” . Sometimes to protect kilims from aging and to make it look brighter , weavers wash them with Tea and Walnut skin or shell . Kilim rugs are present in greatly diversity such as in size , which depends on the uses :

  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small

Additionally , the main essence of these rugs present in the handmade ones . These rugs represent the skills of tribal weavers .

Best kilim rugs Iran

Production of kilims

Kilim rugs manufacture all over Iran . Famous kilim rugs produce are :

  • Sahsavan kilim
  • Luri kilim
  • Hersin kilim
  • Baloch kilim
  • Khamsa kilim
  • Qashqai kilims and many others .

These kilim are different from each because of the way of production and the designs used in them . Furthermore , in today’s world kilims are widely spread and most of the marketing occurs online , as it is an easy way for everyone .

Moreover , as long as the weaver keeps the full interest in these rugs production , the quality of the rugs increases .

Best kilim rugs Iran





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