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Affordable best exquisite Shirikipich kilim rugs exports

Affordable best exquisite Shirikipich kilim rugs exports . Shirikipich kilims are tiny weavings , also known as Needle kilims and as gelim soozani , in Persian . These kilims produce by Fars province including Kerman , Shirjan , in Iran .

Exquisite Shirikipich kilims are well-known due to their outstanding , antique look . These kilims are purely Iran’s traditional product . Furthermore , kilims like Shirikipich are handmade and handwoven,  with overwhelming beauty the tribal and nomadic life’s cultural signs .

Importance of Shirikipich kilims

Nevertheless , these rugs due to their enormous look and high demand, manufacture industrially on a very high scale . The importance of these rugs present in the designs and the production . Moreover , this indirectly links with the weavers . The weavers of tribal areas hold professional skills that are clearly visible in the rugs and carpets.

Creation of affordable best exquisite Shirikipich kilim rugs

Kilims like Shirikipich rugs are like other diverse and beautiful types of kilims . Originally all kilims are handwoven . Moreover , the most important element in Shirikipich kilim’s production is Wool . The wool use in these rugs is very delicate as compare to the Cotton thread and Silk thread . This characteristic of the wool use in Shirikipich kilims , give them a unique feature unlike other kilims . However, this makes Shirikipich kilim rugs delicate but soft wool makes the knot density stronger at the place .

Weaving of these kilims are between the carpet weaving and rug weaving . Unlike carpet weavings the knots are present without cutting them off at the end . Furthermore , weavers create designs and use diverse colors effect with their own artistic mind . The explicit view of kilims shows thoughts , feelings, sadness and happiness of the weaver by the use of different colors .

Weavers of Shirikipich kilim rugs explains nature in the designs , therefore , we the signs of tribal life in such kilims . Designs are drawn by the weavers include :

  • Gol sitare
  • Gol Afghani
  • Rose
  • Wheel and many others .

Images of various animals also include in the designs .

Affordable best exquisite Shirikipich kilim

Beauty of Shirikipich kilims

These kilims are extravagantly beautiful and antique . The colors use in kilims like Shirikipich rugs are attractive . Following are some colors use in the manufacture of these rugs :

  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Black

These colors are also used in different combinations for example giving a look of nature in kilims . All in all , the features of Shirikipich kilims attract people immensely . Therefore , the trade especially export of kilims progressing day by day .

Affordable best exquisite Shirikipich kilim





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