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Quality beautiful kilim Dhurrie rugs exports

Quality beautiful kilim Dhurrie rugs exports . Dhurrie rugs are a kind of kilims , as they are flat-woven rugs as well . These kind of kilims are mostly manufacture in India and export worldwide immensely . Dhurries  mostly uses in India because of their traditional look .

India’s trade of these kilims is pretty much strong . In India these rugs use traditionally and culturally as floor-coverings and decorations. Dhurries uses are different as compare to other types of rugs and carpets . People use them for bedding and packaging not only as floor-covering .

Details about quality beautiful kilim Dhurrie rugs

Dhurries , a traditional kind of kilim rugs , are famous of their weaving , uses and designs . These kinds of rugs have diversity because of different sizes , patterns and materials .

  • Sizes : large , medium , small
  • Patterns : They mostly carry geometric designs and usually white and blue colour palette .
  • Materials : Wool , Cotton , Silk , Jute

And sometimes a combination of all the above materials . People convert these materials into yarn then rugs form . Dhurries manufacture by the village or tribal areas weavers . Moreover , usually the process of production of these rugs are on loom or hand-operated loom or vertical loom.

Furthermore , the quality of kilims depend on the weaver . The production of quality beautiful kilim Dhurrrie rugs is in the hands of weavers . As long as a weaver has professional skills , the quality of kilim would be high and increased .

Quality beautiful kilim Dhurrie rugs

Cities , towns and regional areas

Following areas of India , manufacture dhurrie kilim rugs immensely :

  • Rajiasthan
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Navalgund

All of the above mentioned areas manufacture specific kind of dhurries , holding a specific title as well . These rugs represent their regions . Undoubtedly , these rugs play a vital role , to famous the region . Furthermore , these kilims are a very important essence of the culture of India .

Uses of quality dhurrie kilim rugs

Dhurrie kilim rugs have different uses . The smallest dhurries use as a table cover for telephone stands and flower vases . Some of these kind of kilims manufacture for meditation purpose of specific size which is known as Asan . These traditional rugs use in political gatherings or social events . Moreover , Dhurries are light weight and foldable as well .

Furthermore , dhurries do not get infected by insects , that destroy carpets or rugs , therefore , these rugs have love maintenance cost ! One of the greatest characteristic that dhurries have , is that , these rugs can be used year round . The cotton of dhurries is warm in winters and cool in summers .

Quality beautiful kilim Dhurrie rugs


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