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Finest kilim rugs variety online marketing

Finest kilim rugs variety online marketing . A heavy textile commonly known as kilim . Kilims are a kind of rugs produce in Iran , Turkey , Azerbaijan . Out of these countries Iran is the world’s highest producer and exporter of rugs and carpets .

Kilim rugs of all kinds are famous worldwide . Moreover , people import kilims mostly by online marketing because this is the easiest way for those who lives in the West . Rugs like kilims give a supreme beautiful antique look, therefore , we see kilims in the Western households on a very high scale .

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Significance of kilim rugs

Rugs like kilims are a very important element of the Eastern culture . These rugs are the very important source of spreading the culture all across the globe , as the trade of kilims is very strong . The kilims are present in many households especially the Western ones . Westerners always attracted by the Eastern culture because they lack some of the very important elements , that are immensely present in the Eastern culture . One of these elements is Kilims , the traditional rugs .

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Description regarding finest kilim rugs variety

Kilim rugs are a product of tribal nomadic life . Weavers of tribal areas manufacture kilims because this is their work and turned into their occupation . These days kilims are produced in industries immensely due to their demand. Kilims originally manufacture purely with wool but we see it clearly that these days kilims manufacture with so many combinations .

Beauty of rugs like kilims lies in the handwoven ones . Such kilims are traditional and cultural with an elegant look . These days kilim rugs are present in variety both in domestic or international markets . The variety of kilims includes:

  • Designs
  • Sizes
  • Shapes
  • Purposes
  • Motifs
  • Way of production

Furthermore , these days kilims are greatly manufacture according to the market . Weavers mostly weave kilims that suit today’s market .

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Fabrication of finest kilim rug

Kilim rugs are formerly and still in the tribal areas manufacture by Loom or manually . These rugs consist of warps and wefts , that are the main element of kilim’s beauty and quality . It is believed that the density of knots of warp strands and weft strands, define the quality of kilim rugs . Moreover this density is the reason of the elaborateness of the manifold designs express by kilim rugs . Normally , in kilims production wool is directly used , as it is present is brown , fawn , white , gray colors naturally . These days wool after changing into yarn , undergoes into dyeing process to make variety of colors . These colors give an explicit view to kilims .

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