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Exquisite Moroccan kilim rugs online suppliers

Exquisite Moroccan kilim rugs online suppliers . Moroccan kilims are a kind of Moroccan rugs , weaves and textiles . Such kilims are the product of Morocco , that are now making immense progress in today’s trade .

The tradition of rug-making that is handwoven or handmade rugs , roots back into the history of Morocco . Therefore is profession in Morocco is as old as in anywhere in the world . If we look into history , we will find out that this tradition of rug-making goes back to Paleolithic Era .

Importance of Moroccan kilims

The most important city in rugs or carpets production is Moroccan capital “Fes” . The export of Moroccan kilims from this city , is on a very high scale . Moreover , Moroccan kilims have played a vital part in spreading Moroccan traditional values . No doubt these rugs have played their part in creating a good relation by the means of trade , with other countries .

Additionally , Moroccan kilim rugs , are very important kilims from many aspects . These kilims , some old pieces of these kilims , are present in the museums of different countries .

Delineation of exquisite Moroccan kilim rugs

Many cities of Morocco produce and export exquisite Moroccan kilim rugs both domestically and internationally . All the cities of Morocco that produce kilims , are famous because of the unique design they give . For example , The coastal capital of Morocco , Rabat , is famous for carpets and rugs . The woven rugs carry floral and diamond-shaped elements and a fairly bare field .

Moroccan kilim rugs are famous because of their dual nature . These rugs can be used in the cold weather of like Atlas mountains and the hot weather of like Sahara desert . If we compare Moroccan rugs and carpets with the other kinds of rugs and carpets , these rugs come in traditional and modern designs , which are distinguished by different knotting patterns , dyes and fabric textures .

Exquisite Moroccan kilim rugs

Materials of Moroccan kilim rugs

Moroccan kilims manufacture on Loom , a hand-operated device . Traditionally Moroccan kilim rugs are produced manually . The common materials use in the production of these rugs are :

  • Nylon
  • Wool
  • Olefin
  • Fibre
  • Cotton , sometimes .

These rugs are durable therefore majority of times , these are used in offices , schools , homes as well . Furthermore, exquisite Moroccan kilim rugs , is the reason now a days that Morocco has known worldwide . Moroccan wool rugs made by semi-nomadic Berbers , are immensely attractive . Berber is a name of a centuries old tribe , still present in Morocco these days .

Exquisite Moroccan kilim rugs





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