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Antique Moroccan kilim rugs manufacturers

Antique Moroccan kilim rugs manufacturers  . Textile like kilim has various types such Soumak , Qashqai including Moroccan kilim rugs . Moroccan kilims are a product of Morocco and are greatly exported across the globe .

Antique Moroccan kilims are traditional kilim rugs . These rugs are overwhelmed by the uniqueness of tribes present in Morocco . Furthermore , traditionally Moroccan kilims manufacture by the village weavers and tribal nomadic people . These kilims like other rugs root back into the history , as we can see some old antique pieces present in the museums of the world . Due to the traditional exquisite look , these kilims provide to a place , such as houses , people are always willing to buy them. Moreover , Moroccan kilim rugs are greatly in use in the Western household . Trade especially the export of these kilims , is both domestically as well as internationally , greatly in progress .

Nomadic life and antique Moroccan kilim rugs production

As it is mentioned above that these rugs are traditional rugs produce in the tribal areas . Although these days rugs and carpets due to the demand of people , mostly manufacture industrially . Furthermore , weavers who produce handwoven Moroccan kilims are professionally skilled . They have not gone to any artistic school or they do not take any training as well . All they create and manufacture by the teachings they get from their ancestors . Later on they pass this trend to their children and so on . Weaving is the occupation of such people .

Moreover , we see traditional and tribal color and a taste of nomadic life in these rugs . Important elements such as designs , motifs , materials , traditionally use in the production of these Moroccan kilims .

Antique Moroccan kilim rugs

Importance of Moroccan kilim rugs

As we know , Morocco is a country full of historical and cultural diversity . Moroccan kilims are flat weaves like other kilim rugs . These rug appear thinner but they are not as soft as other wool rugs . Moroccan kilims fit in many indoor decors .

Furthermore , these rugs are the source of spreading unique tradition worldwide . The weavers of these rugs play a vital role in this regards . If these weavers are not skillful , the Moroccan kilims would never have gotten the value , they attain now .

Antique Moroccan kilim rugs

Types of Moroccan kilim rugs

  • Azilal rugs
  • Beni Orain rugs
  • Boucherouite rugs
  • Boujad rugs
  • Rabat rugs

These types of Moroccan rugs represent the diversity present in these rugs . Various types of these rugs show that the weavers in Morocco are greatly skillful .

Antique Moroccan kilim rugs





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