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Affordable finest Shahsavan kilim rugs production

Affordable finest Shahsavan kilim rugs production . Kilim rugs are of many types including Shahsavan kilim rugs , These are traditional rugs manufacture and export by Shahsavan , city in Iran . These rugs are overwhelmed by the antique traditional values .

People of Shahsavan are very traditional , therefore kilims that are produced by such people are traditionally pretty much strong . The explicit view of these kilims is due to the large and small beautiful designs . People mostly attracted by these deigns because of the hidden tribal nomadic life’s smell .

Prominence of Shahsavan kilims

Kilims like Shahsavan kilims , is the best choice one can make for interior decors .  Without any doubt , these rugs represent the beauty of Eastern culture and attract many people toward themselves especially in the Western world .

Furthermore , the old pieces of rugs and carpets plus the loom , are present in the museums . This enhance the authenticity of these rugs . The importance of these rugs is in the designs , which indirectly goes back to the skills of weavers .

Briefing about Affordable finest Shahsavan kilim rugs

All the types of kilims are originally handwoven and handmade . These rugs manufacture by tribal people and villagers . Shahsavan kilims gives antique look due to the various beautiful tribal deigns they hold . The weavings methods of Shahsavan is like other kilims . Weaver needs a Loom , hand-operated device . This a vertical manual device mostly present in tribal areas , on which warps and wefts form up . The designs of Shahsavan kilims are normally “S” shape therefore sometimes these designs resemble to dragon shape .

Moreover other woven products of Shahsavan city , carry these designs as well , for example , purses, small mats . The designs of these kilim rugs includes :

  • Shapes of animals
  • Birds
  • Flowers
  • Stars

Mostly these designs carry specific meaning with it . These rugs are present on discounts in the markets . By this anyone can afford such kilims with a good quality .

Affordable finest Shahsavan kilim rugs

Types of Shahsavan kilim rugs

Shahsavan kilim rugs are like other kilims with diverse designs . These rugs are of following types :

  • Moghan , these rugs are in bright colours .
  • Hashtarood , such rugs are in light colors like green , pink .
  • Bejhar , kilims of this kind are in colors like orange , yellow , brown .

Furthermore , the diversity of Shahsavan kilims is explained by the colors , designs and materials , use in their production . The weavers professional skills really important in the production of these rugs . Tribal weavers are mostly very skillful people and produce unbeatable rugs like Shahsavan kilims .

Affordable finest Shahsavan kilim rugs






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