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Turkish handwoven traditional large area rugs exports

Turkish handwoven traditional large area rugs exports . Turkish area rugs are traditional kilim rugs and originally these rugs are handwoven . These rugs are formerly produced in Turkey and counties close to the Ottoman Empire .

A great part of the Culture of Turkey comprises of these Turkish area rugs . All the rugs and carpets has gone through a long history . Therefore , traditional and culturally we find many similarities in today’s rugs and carpets . Moreover , they have another name Turkish kilims .

Importance of Traditional rugs

Why today these rugs produce by so many countries including Iran ? The reason behind this is that , they have a common history . Moreover , these rugs are a source of spreading unique Eastern culture in the world . As the import of these rugs have increased , we see that people especially in the Western world know the importance and value of the East’s culture .

Additionally , it has believed that in giving importance to these rugs , weavers of tribal areas play a very main role . These weavers use their professional skills with a great interest . We see their skills in the designs and in the unique quality creation of Traditional rugs .

Attributes of Turkish handwoven traditional large area rugs

Rugs like Turkish area rugs are originally handwoven rugs . These rugs manufacture in villages and tribal areas mostly . They give an exquisite traditional look . These textiles are world famous because of the elaborateness of their manifold designs . Commonly , these rugs are purely of wool . Furthermore , sometimes the wool is directly in use , but to produce various colorful rugs , people use dyeing process .

Natural dyes of Turkish kilim area rugs

  • Red : This color produce from Madder roots .
  • Yellow : Produce by plants , including onion , several chamomile species and Euphorbia .
  • Black : Oak apples , Oak acorns , Tanner’s sumach , is used to produce this color .
  • Green : Green is produce by double dyeing with indigo and yellow dye .
  • Orange : Obtain by double dyeing with madder and yellow dye and other colors .

These rugs are present in various sizes Large , medium and small , that are present in today’s market. Large Turkish area rugs are mostly use as floor-coverings .

Turkish handwoven traditional large area rugs

Weaving of Turkish traditional area rugs

Handwoven Turkish area rugs are the product of villages and tribal areas . Weavers produce by hand-operated loom . Loom is a horizontal upright framework . Furthermore , warp strands and weft strands are vertically and horizontally form these rugs on loom . It is commonly under consideration that the  knot density of these two effects the quality of rugs .

Turkish handwoven traditional large area rugs


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