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Quality Turkish area rugs online suppliers

Quality Turkish area rugs online suppliers . Turkish area rugs are a kind of textiles , that are antique plus unique in their own way unlike other kind of kilims . Turkey and other counties of Ottoman Empire greatly manufacture and export these rugs .

The way to long history of rugs links various kinds of rugs together . Therefore , normally these rugs are known as Turkish kilim area rugs . Moreover , Turkish area kilims are immensely influencing the trade , as it is people’s demand in today’s world . People throughout the world search for something traditional and these rugs can satisfy them . These area rugs are used in the Western households as well .

Turkish area rugs and market

Furthermore , quality Turkish area rugs online , making a great progress as well . The lovers of these rugs are widespread across the globe. Therefore , Turkish area rugs suppliers are working online as well . This is a major element of high intercontinental trade . Therefore people can very easily search the desired rugs online and can import them .

Additionally , these rugs have played a very important role by the means of trade in spreading , the Culture of East . Due to this people all over the world have come to know about the traditional norms and importance of Eastern culture .

Production of Quality Turkish area rugs online

Turkey , as it is mentioned above , is the supreme producer of these rugs . Cities , towns and the regional areas of Turkey that manufacture these rugs are :

  • Istanbul
  • Hereke
  • Bergama
  • Canakkle
  • Bandirma
  • Gordes
  • Kula
  • Uska
  • Smyrna
  • Milas , Megri , Isparat .

These rugs are the main product of these areas and carry exquisite uniqueness . Moreover , mostly weavers use their tribal symbols in these rugs that carry a specific meaning with it . Weavers play a very important role . All these regions are famous due to the unique production of these rugs by skilled people . Furthermore , if weavers had lacked the professional skills , none of these regions had gained the importance and value in the market .

Quality Turkish area rugs online

Motifs of Turkish area rugs

The motifs commonly use in the production of these rugs or kilims are :

  • Cross motif : use for protection , evil eye .
  • Hook motif : protection
  • Eye motif : This motif represents as protection too
  • Comb motif : As a sign of Birth and marriage .
  • Fertility motif : use as a marriage sign
  • Star motif : as fertility , happiness and marriage .
  • Amulet motif : as protection luck
  • Bird motif : as a sign of life , strength .
  • Scorpion motif : as protection from scorpions and many other motifs .

These motifs are traditionally very valuable . Furthermore , these motifs are symbols of different tribes .

Quality Turkish area rugs online



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