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Quality handmade Soumak kilim rugs productions

Quality handmade Soumak kilim rugs productions . Soumak is a tapestry technique of weaving that is used in creating Soumak kilim rugs. Soumak products are made in the Caucasus , Luristan . Moreover such products make by Shahsavan , Kurds tribes and Baloch people.

Textiles manufacture by this tapestry weaving technique are mostly rugs and domestic bags . Soumak is a type flat-weave that’s why people recognize them as a kind of kilims . Rugs produce by this technique are mostly strong and thicker as compare to other types of rugs. The question that rises here is , What are Soumak kilim rugs ?

Description about Soumak kilim rugs

Soumak or Sumak , Sumac , is a name of weaving technique, a tapestry , flat-weaving technique . Mostly this technique use in producing handwoven products and rugs are the major part in these products . A simple kilim rugs has both sides smooth while Soumak kilim rug has a smooth front side and a ragged back side . Kilims like Soumaks are mostly durable , stronger , thicker . In today’s market, these rugs are expensive as compare to kilim rugs .

When we talk about kilims , all kind of rugs such as Qashqai kilims , Soumak kilims , Area kilims , Moroccan kilims and many other kind of rugs come under it. Soumak kilim rugs are really on a high scale in trade . Moreover , these rugs grant an exquisite traditional , tribal look . Therefore . people  are just ready to buy them all the times .

Quality handmade Soumak kilim rugs

Details about quality handmade Soumak kilim rugs

Soumak kilim rugs lack the slits characteristic of the normally used kilims . Weavers of handmade soumaks are in villages and tribal areas mostly . Furthermore , these rugs produce on the traditional designs and symbols of the tribes . Quality handmade soumak kilim rugs manufacture in these areas are unique and antique in many dimensions . Kilims like these are worthy enough to be a part of trade worldwide .

Moreover , kilims rugs like soumaks tend to be very finely woven . These rugs are one of the finest kind of kilims greatly in progress day by day in trade .

Beauty of Soumak kilims

The beaut and grace that these rugs carry , goes back to the skills of weavers . Weavers beautify these rugs by interpreting their thoughts , feelings and surrounding nature in these rugs . Moreover , The weaver should be professionally skilled.

Additionally , the tribal weavers mostly are very skillful people . They manufacture Soumak kilims with all their interest and give them a unique traditional look .

Quality handmade Soumak kilim rugs








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