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Antique flat weave Turkish area rugs exporters

Antique flat weave Turkish area rugs exporters . A kind of Turkish rugs that is flat woven comes under kilim rugs indirectly and people mostly call these rugs as Turkish area kilim rugs . Area of production of these rugs are historically the territories dominated by the Ottoman Empire .

Turkish area rugs , a kind of kilims , is vastly exported and manufactured these days . The intercontinental trade due to these rugs is strong and in a great progress . These rugs are very famous worldwide beacuse of their unique traditional look .

Significance of Turkish kilims

Turkish kilim area rugs have played a very important role in introducing the Eastern culture , throughout the world . The Westerners mostly attract by the Eastern traditional textiles . These rugs provide a great look the Western households , s we see that these people use Turkish kilims as interior decors .

Details about Turkish kilim area rugs

Antique flat weave Turkish area rugs officially consider as the Culture of Turkey today . This culture derives from the ethnic , religious, cultural pluralism of one of the most ancient centres of human civilization . History of rugs weaving dates back to prehistoric times . Rugs are the product of very old times . The long history of rugs shows that rugs such as kilims both Persian , Turkish and others traditionally and culturally pretty much close .

We can clearly see the common elements present in the rugs these days . This is because of the long journey of rugs which is why so many traditions to influence the production of rugs .

Antique flat weave Turkish area rugs

Materials of antique flat weave Turkish area rugs

Originally Turkish area rugs mostly produce by natural fiber . Weavers especially those who manufacture these rugs manually , use all the natural resources in the fabrication of Turkish area rugs .

  • Wool : Sheep wool is the utmost element in the production of these rugs . This material in use because it is soft, durable and easy to work with . Moreover , it is less susceptible to dirt than cotton , does not react electrostatically . Wool comes in white , brown , fawn , gray colors . Therefore , it is sometimes use directly without any dyeing process .
  • Cotton : This is stronger than wool . In the production of rugs mostly wefts are of cotton or wool while warps are of wool purely .
  • Silk : This material use in the production of these rugs silk too . Silk is expensive as compare to wool and cotton . Therefore , rugs manufacture by this material are expensive as well .

Antique flat weave Turkish area rugs



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