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Finest kilim handwoven area rugs wholesale exporters

Finest kilim handwoven area rugs wholesale exporters . Kilims are woven rugs , manufacture by Turkey , Azerbaijan and most importantly by Iran , as Iran is the top leading country in the export of handwoven kilim rugs .

In recent times Iranian rugs and carpets have come under the fierce competition . Moreover , the other countries producing fakes of the original Persian designs as well as genuine cheaper substitutes . In 2008 , Iran’s export of handwoven rugs or carpets was 30% of the world’s market . Iran export carpets and rugs to more 100 countries , as handwoven rugs are one of its main non-oil export items.

Importance of Area rugs

Iran is also the world’s largest producer and exporter of handmade and handwoven carpets or rugs , producing three quarters of the world’s total output . Tehran , Iran’s capital is the world’s highest manufacture and exporter of rugs and carpets .

Moreover , area rugs generally refer to turkey and when we talk about kilim area rugs it gets some other producers as well . Rugs like handwoven kilim area rugs hold a very unique beauty . It is in believe that the pure and original production of these rugs , is the tribal one . Furthermore , tribal people especially those who are weavers are extremely professional .

Additionlly , these people practice weaving as n occupation and earn money . Sometimes , these rugs are the only source of income for some tribes . Without any doubt , tribal people are very skilled people , which is seen in these rugs .

Weaving description of finest kilim handwoven area rugs

Kilims consist of warps and wefts strands . In the production of kilim rugs , wefts and warps should tightly interwoven producing a flat surface with no pile . Kilim weaves are tapestry weaves. Technically weft-faced plain weaves , that is , the horizontal weft strands pull up tightly downward By this they hide the vertical warp strands .

The weft strands , which carry the visible exquisite design and color , are always of wool , whereas the hidden warp strands can be either of wool or cotton .

Finest kilim handwoven area rugs

Motifs of Persian kilim handwoven area rugs

Following are some traditional motifs and with specific symbolization in tribes , this includes :

  • Elibelinde : This motif is a sign representing motherhood and fertility .
  • Eye (Goz) : This motif represents to ward off the evil eye .
  • Amulet : This motif is a sign of protection and good luck
  • Wolf’s mouth : This motif represents the protection of flocks against wolves .
  • Scorpion : This motif represents protection from scorpions .

Kilim rugs are also known as Nomadic rugs , gelim in Persian which includes Zilu meaning “rough carpet “ .

Finest kilim handwoven area rugs




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