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100% quality kilim area rugs imports

100% quality kilim area rugs imports . Kilim area rugs are among the top leading textiles in the world of trade . Countries like Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey and some other countries of Central Asia are the former as well as the principal countries in the production and export of kilims these days .

Importance of Kilim area rugs

Furthermore , the trade of kilim area rugs is immensely in progress and the question that rises here is that Why is it so ? Following are some main points in this regard :

  • Kilims grant an exquisite cultural plus traditional look .
  • These rugs have high rate of trade because of the demand of people to buy kilims . They are unlike other types of rugs .
  • One of the most important reasons of the immense trade of kilim rugs is that the elaborateness of the manifold designs carry by kilims .

All these elements , require a very skillful weaver .If weavers of these rugs lack the professional skills , no doubt ,none of these rugs have attained and reached to the high value and level in the market .

Commercial Aspects of 100% quality kilim area rugs

To mention here , among the above named countries , Iran is the prime country in the export . Moreover , in the manufacture of kilim area rugs ,Iran is leading . Iran capital “Tehran” hold the world’s highest Persian rugs and carpets export ! These days many other countries are trying to produce fake kilims , as carpets and rugs export is in great progress .

Originally kilim area rugs are handwoven . Mostly weavers are from villages and tribes . Handwoven kilim rugs are different somehow then the kilims produce in the shops . We can see a gaze of struggle , unique designs , various motifs and other elements that are not present in other ways of production .

100% quality kilim area rugs

Attraction of kilim area rugs

As long as kilim area rugs reserve the feature of historical heritage in the today’s world , the demand of kilims is really very high ! It has seen that people always love antique products and always are ready to spend money on such products . As it is mentioned before that the uniqueness of kilims is hidden in the handwoven ones because weavers use tribal symbols in the designs , Moreover these designs carry a specific meaning too .

Moreover , the attraction and providing beautyn the hands to these rugs , is all in the hands of weavers . As long as a weaver has put all the weaving skills with a great interest , the rugs would be great .

100% quality kilim area rugs


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