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Unsurpassable Persian traditional kilim rugs trade

Unsurpassable Persian traditional kilim rugs trade .The most famous kind of rugs in today’s world is kilim . Prime exporters and manufacturers of kilims are Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey and countries present in Central Asia .

Kilim rugs are undoubtedly are in great progress in the market . Unsurpassable Persian traditional kilim rugs that belong to Iran are greatly in use , in almost every household . Persian kilim rugs carry their own extravagant exquisite unique look that just attracts people the most .

Significance of Persian kilims

Iran is among the leading countries in the export of kilim rugs . Therefore the intercontinental trade or simply just trade of kilims , is very strong . The reason why these rugs are makng progress day by day in the trade , is that , these rugs are a source of introducing and spreading the Eastern culture all over the world .

Furthermore , The traditional look of these textiles shows that the continent of Asia has very skillful people especially the weavers of these textiles .

Features of unsurpassable Persian traditional kilim rugs

Kilims are well-known due to the history they carry . Kilims are purely a product of tribal life , as we can easy the influence of tribal lives in the designs of kilim rugs . Kilims are traditional rugs . Kilim rugs are famous because of the elaborateness of their manifold designs .

Weavers of kilims in villages are mostly women as they can change wool into yarn and create various beautiful designs . Men also weave but they shear of wool , choose the best breed of sheep or goat .

Furthermore , mostly these weavers interpret their surroundings , nature , thoughts and feelings in the rugs .

Unsurpassable Persian traditional kilim rugs

Patterns of kilim rugs

  • Herati pattern : This design id commonly found in the handmade rugs of Iran . It comprises of flower surrounded by leaves . These leaves are called fishes too .
  • Boteh pattern : Another name used for this design is Mir-buteh . A pear shape motif like a flame is the famous part of this pattern .
  • Shah Abbas pattern : This design is common in Kashan , Isfahan , Mashhad , Nain rugs . It consists of palmettes and lotus motif in elegant shape which depends on the density of knots .
  • Dyrnak pattern : This is Turkish pattern but used in unsurpassable Persian traditional kilim rugs as well . This design id very old and antique . It consists of gol pattern .

Moreover , all these patterns are linked with the professional skills of weavers . If a weaver is skilled , these designs and patterns are great and worldwide acceptable .

Unsurpassable Persian traditional kilim rugs




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