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Quality different style kilim rugs exports

Quality different style kilim rugs exports . Kilims are traditionally featured with overwhelming beauty, flat-tapestry rugs that are greatly progressing in trade . Top leading countries in the manufacture and export of kilims are Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey and some other countries of Central Asia .

One of the great attributes of kilim rugs is that they are purely traditional and cultural product . Moreover , kilims have a history of creation behind their fabrication . Kilim rugs are immensely famous worldwide , as we can see them nobly in use in the Western households .

Characteristics of kilims

Some of the important characteristics of kilim rugs are as following :

  • Kilim is called as gelim in Persian .
  • The common meaning of kilim is “something roughly unfolded” .
  • Kilims are a historical manifestation that represents culture of the home manufacturing countries .
  • Kilims are a product of nomadic tribal life . Furthermore , mostly kilim rugs produce and woven by the tribal people in their own specific way of manufacture .
  • Designs of kilim rugs are as well greatly under influence by the rural , tribal , village life , as weavers of these areas use their tribal symbols to give variations in the kilim designs .
  • Kilims consists of warp and weft . The warps strands are purely of wool while the wefts strands can be of wool or cotton .
  • In order to give variations in colors weavers dye the wool . Mostly red , blue , white , brown colors use in their production .
  • The quality of kilim rugs is based on the density of the knots of wefts and warps .

Quality different style kilim rugs

Information about quality different style kilim rugs

Kilim rugs in market are present in different styles that means diversity in size , shape , designs , way of manufacture , quality .

  • Size : This means kilims are present in different size , large , medium , small .
  • Shape : Mostly kilim rugs are rectangular in shape which is the traditional shape but these days they are present in other shapes as well .
  • Designs : Kilims have variety of designs for example Herati , Shah Abbasi , Gol Henna etc
  • Way of manufacture : In villages kilims produce by manual methods . Weavers use spinning wheel to produce yarn but in workshops and in cities people use machines .

Quality different style kilim rugs

Beauty of  kilims

Kilims are a very beautiful exquisite products that carry the norms of tribal life . The beauty of these textiles is present in the traditional designs of these rugs . Moreover , this element is linked with the skills of people or weavers.

Furthermore , without any doubt , these weavers out their professional skills in these rugs and grant them a look that attracts the people all over the world .






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