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Iranian antique kilim handwoven rugs manufacturers

Iranian antique kilim handwoven rugs manufacturers . Kilim rugs are traditionally handwoven rugs that are formerly and presently immensely produced by Iran , Turkey and Azerbaijan . These countries are in progress with the trade of Iranian antique kilim handwoven rugs .

Handwoven kilim rugs have a great demand in today’s market . Purely handmade products always attract people . We can see that Iranian antique kilim handwoven rugs are greatly imported across the world ! Moreover , Kilim rugs are present in the Western households .

Prominence of Iranian kilims

The exquisite supreme look of Iranian antique kilim handwoven rugs , influence trade a lot ! Nobody can deny kilim rugs importance these days . Moreover , the importance of kilims depend on the weavers . The weavers should be professionally skilled in order to grant these rugs a value , worldwide .

Furthermore , Iranian kilims are unbeatable . The kilims that are produced in the tribal areas are unique because of the professional skills that the weavers have . The weavers show their thoughts and feelings and designs confined in the beautiful blast of color .

Iranian antique kilim handwoven rugs description

Woven rugs include both flat rugs such as kilims and pile rugs . The most important fact about kilim rugs is that the more tightly the knots are , the more design would be expressive . It is generally in believe  that the density of knots , the age , the materials , and the rarity of the design determine the value of rugs .

Kilim rugs are flat-tapestry rugs woven by hand on a loom . Kilims constitute of warps and wefts strands . Weft strands are mostly discontinuous . The artisan interlaces each colored weft back and forth in its own small pattern area . Wefts can be of wool or cotton but warps should be of wool in kilim rugs production .

Furthermore , the production of kilims require skilled weavers . Only the professional weavers can create and produce a traditional rug that can take a good marketplace .

Iranian antique kilim handwoven rugs

Importance of Iranian kilim rugs

Such rugs are a heavy textile  . These rugs manufacture a wide variety of utilitarian and symbolic purposes  , produce in Iran , for local sale , home use, export . Weaving in Iran is a very essential part of Persian art and goes back to the history of Iran .

The towns and regional centres in Iran includes :

  • Isfahan
  • Kerman
  • Nain
  • Mashhad
  • Kashan
  • Tabriz
  • Qom

These areas are famous and in distinction due to their specific weaving techniques . Moreover , the use of high-quality materials , colors , patterns and designs explains the worth of kilims .

Iranian antique kilim handwoven rugs




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