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Small used kilim rugs imports

Small used kilim rugs imports . The limelight of textiles commonly named as “Kilim” or “Gelim” in Persian . Top leading and manufacturing counties of kilims are mostly in Asia such as Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey and other countries .

Furthermore , kilims or traditional and cultural rugs , roots back into the tribal lives of the above mentioned  countries . These flat-tapestry kilim rugs are famous across the world and people use them in the Western households as well .

Significance of Kilims

Moreover , the kilims use as floor-coverings are mostly larger in size as compare to the kilims use as wall-hangings and if these rugs are used (second-hand) then these kilims are small used kilim rugs . Mostly the importance of kilims lies in the way of production and the designs carry by them .

Furthermore , the weavers indirectly enhance these two component and make them worthy enough .

Trade of small used kilim rugs

Trade especially import of kilims by the Western countries is in progress and increasing on a large scale . Canada , UK , India , China are the importers of kilim rugs normally because of the exquisite and the finest look they have that just grasp the public eye instantly ! Although India and China are manufacturers and exporters of kilim rugs as well these days .

Furthermore , people mostly attract by the traditional , cultural look of kilims that’s why it doesn’t matter either kilim rugs are used or new , all that matters is the quality possessed by kilims . If the used kilims don’t have any defects , people are ready to buy them at any cost !

Additionally , import of kilim rugs is a way to express and forward tradition and nomadic life of the home manufacturing countries . This is an element to connect people traditionally and culturally plus historically . The intercontinental trade is now-a-days is a main factor of spreading beautiful culture and cultural values !

small used kilim rugs

 kilim rugs belle

Kilim rugs are a historical manifestation that are famous because of their traditional gaze . Kilims manufacture in various tribal designs which show the nomadic life . Kilims that villagers manufacture are pretty much close to the originality of kilims . These kilims are pure that means manufacture by the original raw materials .

Some common designs that are the cause of the belle of kilim rugs and the cause of the import of small used kilim rugs as well are as following :

  • Herati
  • Mina Khani
  • Shah Abbasi
  • Bid Majnun
  • Harshang
  • Gol Henai

These designs add the traditional value and glimpse in kilim rugs and these deigns are the cause of the high rate of kilim rugs .

small used kilim rugs





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