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Best different style small kilim rugs exports

Best different style small kilim rugs exports . Traditional rugs have various kinds and among the most common and extraordinary famous types of rugs “kilim” deserve to come . Kilims are being produced these days all over the worlds especially in Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey and other countries of Central Asia .

Kilims are well-known because of their outstanding look and exquisite manufacture . The reason behind why people are in search of kilims , is that , kilim rugs have overwhelming beauty that people barely find in other products .

Importance of kilims

Kilims are manifestation of :

  • Traditions
  • Cultures
  • Nomadic lives
  • Tribal lives
  • Villages as well as villagers
  • Historical heritage

Kilims are present in Large , medium and small size . For example large kilim rugs mostly use in floor-coverings of big area such as dining halls .  Moreover all the above mentioned sizes have different various unique exquisite deigns and styles . The diversity present in these textiles show the skills of weavers .

best different style small kilim rugs

Details about best different style small kilim rugs

Kilim are flat-woven rugs unlike pile rugs . Kilim rugs have uniqueness of their own . Various designs of kilim according to the specific country they belong too , create different styles of kilim rugs . This shows that diversity of this traditional and cultural product !

Moreover , weavers of these textiles interpret and introduce the nomadic tribal life and explain the norms they practice . Without any doubt , the weavers of kilims play a vital role in the importance of these rugs worldwide .

Exquisite designs of kilims

  • Herati : pattern consisting of a flower with four leaves around it .
  • Gol Henai : pattern similar to Gul Hena
  • Shah Abbasi : central pattern consisting palmettes and lotus-motifs in elegant shape .
  • Boteh : pattern consisting of pear like repeated motif pointing upwards .

Furthermore , all the above mentioned designs have created by tribal people or villagers ,  symbolization of their tribal history . These designs depend on the weavers . It has believed that the weavers should be very skillful . Moreover , professional skillful weavers are far more better than the ones who are not skilled . The difference if clearly visible in the production of these rugs .

Various motifs of kilim rugs

  • Eye
  • Eye , containing cross
  • Ram’s Horn
  • Fertility
  • Wolf’s mouth
  • Star
  • Star , containing fetter
  • Comb
  • Love and unison
  • Amulet , Bird , Earring , Scorpion , Dragon , Tree of life , Burdock .

Moreover , the above motifs are mostly symbols of tribes , as they manufacture kilim rugs . These motifs have specific meanings which shows that tribal people were very strongly connected with kilim rugs production .

best different style small kilim rugs


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