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Used kilim rugs exports

Used kilim rugs exports . One of the most common and famous textiles , named as “Kilim” . Kilims are overwhelmed by the natural and traditional charming beauty . As kilims are rooted in Asia therefore countries like Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey are the top leading countries .

Many other countries of Central Asia as well manufacture kilim rugs . Countries like UK , China , Canada , India and many others are also producing kilims vastly . People always greatly attract by the exquisite and admirable look of kilims . Many households apart from the Eastern ones that is the Western households use kilims as floor-coverings and wall-hangings .

Kilims and world

Kilims are available in markets both new ones and used (second hand) . As the importers in the Western world found the traditional and cultural authenticity of kilim rugs . Therefore kilims are immensely exported to the European countries . This is the reason why the intercontinental trade is increasing and in progress day by day !

Furthermore , these kilims are worthy enough to be sold out greatly . The weavers especially in the tribal areas earn their living by these rugs . Without any doubt , countries manufacturing these rugs , get fame in the world . This indirectly linke with weavers professional skills .

Exquisite used kilim rugs

Used kilim rugs are present in the market as well . People usually by such kilims because these kilims are cheaper than the new kilims. But this does not mean that these kilims are any less or less important than newly manufactured kilims . Used kilim rugs are mostly on sale in market . As long as used kilim rugs don’t have any defect , people are really willing to buy them .

Used kilims are like the ordinary kilim rugs . This mean they possess all the elements that the normal traditional flat woven rugs that is kilims should hold .

Used kilim rugs


Elements of kilim rugs

Kilim rugs should contain and hold the following elements :

  • Traditional designs , designs that are close to nomadic tribal life .
  • Kilims are of wool but these days it’s hard to find a kilim purely of wool , as wool is expensive!
  • Kilims can contain glass or ceramic beads and textile strips .
  • Colorful threads
  • Bread of sheep for wool
  • Motifs
  • The density of wefts and warps , the strand of kilims , should be high ! Quality of kilim rugs depends on them .

Moreover , all these elements , require skillful weavers . The weavers professionalism show great use of these elements . If weavers are not skilled , the textiles are also not worthy quality wise .

Used kilim rugs




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