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Finest affordable kilim rugs producers Canada

Finest affordable kilim rugs producers Canada . Traditionally well-known rugs “Kilims”, are immensely famous because of their exquisite look . Similarly kilim rugs have taken their place in today’s market both domestic and international .

Formerly kilims produced by Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey and other countries of Central Asia and presently apart from the former countries , many other countries are finest affordable kilim rugs producers . Moreover , countries , those who really under the influence of kilims all over the world , are producing kilim rugs , as the export and import of kilims is in progress day by day !

What are kilims ? And why they are economically important ? These are very common question that can rise in anyone’s mind .

Kilim rugs

Kilim rugs are one of the kind of rugs . These rugs are traditional and cultural rugs  Kilims are a manifestation of historical heritage . Kilims are known as gelim in Persian . Furthermore ,  kilims are flat-tapestry rugs that contain wefts and warps . The warps should be of wool while weft could be of wool or cotton . The look of kilims depends on how tight warps and wefts are knotted . Moreover , the more strongly wefts and warps are present , the more finest kilim rugs will produce .

Moreover , these textiles show the skillful weavers efforts . Without any doubt , the fame of these textiles depend on this fact .

Finest affordable kilim rugs producers

Main elements of kilim rugs

  • Designs
  • Motifs
  • Way of weaving
  • Shearing of wool
  • Climatic or weather changes
  • Warp strands and weft strands

All of these elements are connected with the weavers professional skills . Weavers of tribal areas unlike the other weavers , are very skillful and greatly use their professional skills in these textiles .

Finest affordable kilim rugs producers

Details about finest affordable kilim rugs

Finest affordable kilim rugs producers are still the former countries because the history of kilims goes back to those homelands . Moreover , these countries are known as the home ground of kilims . Countries like Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey manufacture finest kilim rugs and of course affordable as well . The reason behind this is that these countries are the creators of the rugs and the more a thing is created quantity wise , the less expensive it is !

Additionally , kilim rugs that Iran manufactures are the well-known and famous rugs across the world . One of the main factor behind the high export rate of kilims from Iran is the uniqueness of designs that are mostly consist of traditional , tribal designs .

Moreover , people always love to buy anything that is close to tradition and culture !

Finest affordable kilim rugs producers



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