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Best kilim rugs producers Dubai

Best kilim rugs producers Dubai . One of the most popular kind of rugs is “Kilim” . Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey and other countries of Central Asia , are among the leading countries in manufacture and export of Kilim rugs .

Moreover , kilims are the most exquisite and worldwide famous rugs .Therefore , people mostly are willing to buy them . Kilim rugs are one of the very strong sources of intercontinental trade . Furthermore , People in the Western households use kilim rugs as a traditional manifestation because kilims just attract everyone extravagantly ! Best kilim rugs producers are the home countries but these days many other countries are producing kilims immensely .

Significance of kilims

Furthermore , China , India , Dubai and many other countries these days are producers of kilims . These countries are vastly manufacturing kilims .

Kilims have unique designs , motifs , way of weaving and other important factors that distinguish kilim rugs from other rugs . Original designs of kilims grant traditional and cultural look . Moreover , kilims are a sign of historical heritage . This is the reason of trade of kilims especially the import , as people love to buy cultural and traditional things .

Best kilim rugs producers

Best kilim rugs producers details

The production of best kilim rugs depends on dome of the important elements . As it has mentioned above that Iran is the most famous producer of kilim rugs among the other countries , this is the reason why kilims of Iran are different from others ? Best kilim rugs produce in Iran because of the cultural background . Best kilim rugs are those that are unique in designs especially !

Designs of kilims vary from area to area . In Iran , Isfahan , Kerman , Hamadan , Yazd , Mashhad , Nain and other cities produce kilims enormously . The astonishing factor is that all the cities have it’s own unique traditional way of manufacturing kilims especially designs .

Best kilim rugs producers

Kilim rugs designs

Designs of kilim rugs are exquisite and a manifestation from tribal and nomadic life . People in villages mostly produce handwoven kilims without any machine ! These kilim rugs are really worthy enough for export !

Among the famous designs of kilims Herati , Hena , Mina Khani , Shah Abbasi , are included .

Best kilim rugs producers

Moreover , these deigns and patterns , depend on the skills of weavers . Normally in the tribal areas , the weavers are very professional and have great weaving skills . The more a weaver is skilled , the more the quality of kilims is guaranteed . These designs are mostly the interpreter of weavers thoughts and feelings , which come out in the form of designs with various color combinations .




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