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Best indoor flooring kilim rugs exports

Best indoor flooring kilim rugs exports . Kilim rugs are a type of oriental flat woven carpet . Many countries of Central Asia including Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey are among the top leading manufacturers of these textiles known as “Kilims” .

Besides , kilims are beautiful traditional rugs that just attract people immensely throughout the world  because of their supreme exquisite gaze . Kilims are a product related to the Eastern life but it has seen that people in the Western world are immensely under the influence of these finest rugs ! This is surprisingly true .

Formulation of best indoor flooring kilim rugs

Rugs or carpets can be formulated from many single or blended natural and synthetic fibers . Fibers are really important in the durability , appearance , ease of manufacture and cost .

Furthermore , Wool is the material vastly use in manufacturing of kilims . The reason behind this is that wool has excellent durability and can be easily dyed and the greatest fact is that it is greatly present ! Moreover , blended wool yarns is extensively in use in the formulation of best indoor flooring kilim rugs . Wool is relatively expensive and this the cause why people use other materials these days in the production of kilim rugs .


Best indoor flooring kilim rugs

Details about indoor flooring kilim rugs

Kilims use for indoor flooring that means inside not outside especially in houses and other places . This includes :

  • Kilim rugs in kitchen
  • For  bedrooms
  •  bathrooms
  • Different sizes of kilims in dinning rooms
  • Kilims for living rooms

Moreover , kilim rugs are fine and lovely plus traditional rugs . Due to this people always willing to use them everywhere . Kilims are the best way to give an exquisite look to a place . This is linked with the weavers . Weavers interpret their surroundings , nature , feeling and thoughts in the designs of these rugs .

Furthermore , it has believed that the more a weaver has professional skills , the more a rug or carpet is great in quality .

Best indoor flooring kilim rugs

Rugs and carpets fiber types

  • Nylon : This is the most durable and stain resistant fiber available therefore , it is the best choice one can make for homes .
  • Polyester : This is famous for it’s luxurious look , feel and wonderful selection for colors and styles .
  • Olefin : This offers good stain and moisture resistance .
  • Wool : Best material enormously use in the manufacture of kilims .

Moreover , these materials are very important component of the production of rugs including kilims . IT depends on weavers that how skillfully they use these materials in a beautiful way .

Best indoor flooring kilim rugs






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