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Highest quality kilim rugs exports

Highest quality kilim rugs exports . Kilims are traditional rugs that carry great importance in the trade of the world . Kilim rugs are traditionally produced in countries of the former Ottoman Empire , Iran , Azerbaijan and Turkic countries of Central Asia .

Kilim rugs are purely a source of decoration everywhere in the world . Moreover people also use kilims as prayer rugs . Kilim rugs are famous because of their exquisite and attractive look . This leads to the high rate of marketing as customers increase . People in the Western world mostly use kilims as floor-coverings and wall-hangings .

Highest quality kilim rugs features

Quality of kilim rugs these days vary because apart from the home manufacturing countries , other countries are producing kilims too . Although the quality and originality of kilims are only present in the kilims manufacture by the home countries .

Highest quality kilim rugs means the kilims that have traditional value , designs , way of weaving . These elements are really important in the manufacture of kilims as well as in the export of kilim rugs . The more quality is high , the more export will occur as people always look for the great quality .

Kilims are cheaper than pile rugs , this is the reason why people start business with kilim rugs . In recent years the quality pieces of kilims are now commanding with high prices .

highest quality kilim rugs

Importance of kilims in market

Kilims before were not a major export commodity , there were not foreign market pressures changing the designs , as happened with pile carpets . Once the traders , collectors , importers began to value authentic village weaving , kilims became popular . As the value of kilim rugs have increased in the market , people started manufacturing kilims to suit the market rather than the tradition . Colours , designs and other factors changed and weavers start producing and weaving kilims without the weaver’s own hopes and fears .

Nevertheless kilims still hold the outstanding importance in intercontinental trade especially in export . People till attract by the various beautiful designs of kilims .

Highest quality kilim rugs

Beauty of kilims

Rugs like kilims carry importance because of the beauty they hold . Moreover , these rugs are unbeatable in many aspects . The reason behind this is the skillful weavers . If weavers are very professional , without any doubt nobody can beat the textiles .

Furthermore , it would not be useless to say here that the beauty of kilims and the beauty of these rugs by the skillful weavers , that they have found their place in the Western households as well .




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