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Unsurpassed kilim rugs import

Unsurpassed kilim rugs import . Kilims or traditional , cultural rugs are vastly manufactured by Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey plus some other countries of Central Asia . Kilim rugs are greatly famous because of trade and industrialization.

Kilims are a manifestation of historical , cultural nomadic life . Kilim rugs are very successful in obtaining place in the Western households because of the splendid look they give to any place . As Iran is in the leading countries in production of kilims , imported Iranian kilims carries great value . Kilim rugs are great source of historical and cultural heritage . In the import of kilims , quality really matters . People mostly look for quality and they are ready to buy any product if it’s great according to quality .

History of kilim rugs

People in different civilizations of Central Asia , to protect themselves from catastrophic climatic or weather changes, invented tents . These tents were mostly of goat hair but for something harder, stiffer and more resistant , people especially travelers created flat-weave technique . This technique led them to develop something smooth and tightly woven . Manufacturers applied this technique to develop floor-coverings to cover earthen ground of tents from humidity. This is how kilims were born!

As time passed , kilims usage expands and people start using these rugs as blankets, room divider , floor-coverings , decoration , prayer rugs , saddle bags . Presently kilim rugs carry a great value throughout world .

Unsurpassed kilim rugs

Commercial importance of unsurpassed kilim rugs

Kilims found their place in world , from poor places to rich houses and palaces . Kilim rugs are immensely welcomed by the Western world because of their exquisite , finest look ! Kilims elaborate variety of designs , colors , kinds . Imports of unsurpassed kilim rugs from Iran is quite famous because Iran is in leading countries in fabrication and manufacture of traditional kilim rugs . In recent years kilims quality pieces now commanding high prices . Since people have started giving value to the authentic village weaving , kilims have become popular worldwide .

Additionally , one of the greatest commercial importance of unsurpassed kilim rugs is , people have understood value of rugs and now they have started fabricating and producing rugs suitable to market rather than for personal use  . Moreover , imports and exports of kilims have become a considerable source of money for many people .

Unsurpassed kilim rugs

Quality standards for kilim rugs

  • Knot density : Knot density shows how much a kilim is durable .
  • Dye : Dye should be permanent and any rug should not fade plus appearance should be lustrous .
  • Designs : Judgement kilim’s quality is by accuracy in weaving , manifold beautiful designs and through elaborateness of nomadic tribal life .

Unsurpassed kilim rugs


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