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Top Persian kilim rugs export

Top Persian kilim rugs export . Kilims or traditional rugs are the most famous kind of rugs worldwide . Leading countries in manufacturing kilim rugs are Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey and other countries of Central Asia .

Furthermore , top Persian kilim rugs are historical symbolization in Iran and people use them in home , local sale and export . Moreover , the manufacture of Persian rugs mostly takes place in nomadic tribes , workshops , villages . Artistic tradition and culture represent by Persian kilim rugs grasp everyone’s attention throughout the year . Therefore , the reason behind the high export of Persian kilims is the traditional manifold designs of kilims . Moreover , as the old Persian rugs are present in the museums , this attracts people immensely towards kilims especially Persian kilim rugs .

Additionally , export of top Persian kilim rugs is enormously in progress . The more people kilims attract people throughout the world , the more trade and export increase . Villagers create different designs from their memories or from the manifestations of their tribal life . Moreover , this leads to the unique production of kilims which at the end increases the rate of export of Persian kilim rugs .

Top Persian kilim rugs

Top Persian kilim rugs manufacture

  • Tabriz
  • Kerman
  • Mashhad
  • Kashan
  • Nain
  • Isfahan
  • Yazd
  • Qom
  • Hamadan
  • Fars

top Persian kilim rugs

Various designs of Persian kilim rugs

One basic design of a rug covers the whole entire field . The surface of  kilim rug can be covered by the repeating figures . The weavers use their own tribal symbols or specific family patterns . Moreover , these historical and traditional designs are the cause of high production and export rate of top Persian kilim rugs universally .

Additionally , one of the designs is Medallion design which is quite common and famous , it’s a symmetrical pattern in the center of the field . Moreover , arts of medallion design or patterns similar to it , cover the four corners of the rug .

Furthermore , majority of the Persian kilims have field surrounded by stripes and borders . Mostly one big main border “guardian border” which covers the small interior sub borders .Moreover , the weavers have to weave rugs the way that without any interruption border continues horizontally and vertically . Besides , it’s easy to distinguish between rural village rugs from the workshop ones .

Moreover , exquisite designs are used in their production . These designs always attract customers and just melt their hearts immediately .

top Persian kilim rugs

Names of the designs of Persian kilim rugs

  • Herati (floral figures at corners surrounded by lancet-shaped leaf , sometimes called “fish”)
  • Mina Khani (flowers arrang in row , interlinked by diamond)
  • Shah Abbasi
  • Bid Majnun
  • Harshang (crab design)
  • Gol Henai

top Persian kilim rugs








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