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Persian antique kilim rugs exports

Persian antique kilim rugs exports . Kilim rugs or traditional rugs are formerly and currently produced in Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey and other counters of Central Asia . Modern kilim rugs are mostly use in the floor-coverings plus for decorations .

Quality Persian kilim rugs are immensely manufacture in Iran . Persian rugs on high scale exported to the various countries , as kilim rugs grant an exquisite ancient cultural look .

Persian antique kilim rugs exports 1

Persian Antique Kilim Rugs History

The word Kilim originates from the Persian word “gelimwhich means “unroll something roughly.”

The history of Persian kilim rugs or the weaving of rugs remains unrevealed and unspecified , all the known is that handwoven rugs probably came from floor-coverings which was made up of  felt and now called as “flat weaving”. The flat-woven rugs consisted of warp and weft but this was just to provide a flat surface without pile . This later on progressed to “Loop weaving” . The formed loops are cut down or the rod is removed, this organized weaving results into a rug which is quite close and similar to the authentic pile rug .

Kilims , as being traditional and cultural , show the glance of the life of nomadic tribal people . These people used kilim rugs as floor and wall coverings, horse-saddles, storage bags, bedding and cushion covers .

Latter-days people use kilim rugs as the supreme manifestation of the cultural heritage . Regardless of  kilim rugs usage in Asia , people see them in the Western households as well .

Persian antique kilim rugs

Types Of Persian Kilim Rugs

  • Ordinary rugs
  • Gunny rugs (woven with various colored pieces of cloth)
  • Suzani kilims
  • Palaz , Jajim  , Jol ( embroidered surface ) , Navar-chador ( decorative kilims ) , Khorjin ( for carrying goods ) , Masnads (woven and decorative kilims ) , etc

Persian antique kilim rugs

Persian kilim rugs materials

  • Wool : Pile of Persian antique kilim rugs mostly consists of sheep’s wool . Wool in the manufacture of these traditional finest rugs , varies . It depends of the breed of the sheep , climate variations and how the wool processe.
  • Cotton : In the production of modern rugs , cotton is the main element in the foundation of warps and wefts .
  • Silk : Kilim rugs formed by silk are pretty much expensive . The highest quality Persian rugs or carpets from Qom , Isfahan , Kashan , have silk piles . Silk piles are delicate , thus , they are mostly use in wall-hangings or pillows .
  • Spinning : Cotton , silk , strands of wool are spun either mechanically by spinning wheel or industrially by spinning machines .
  • Dyeing : This gives colorful effect to the manufactured yarn by spinning .

Persian antique kilim rugs

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